Sarah increased my revenue significantly!

I was super frustrated trying to learn and optimize my Facebook Ads and fix a few funnel integrations. I reached out to Sarah in desperate need of help getting these vital pieces up and running. She immediately understood the problems, fixed them to perfection, and now I have those aspects working smoothly. I especially appreciated how she explained each issue and how to fix it, and her detailed videos walking me through each step. She was so competent that I hired her for several more big projects and will continue to do so moving forward. She’s become an essential member of our team!

Carrie H.

Making Lemonade Media

Sarah knows what needs to be done!

I found myself in over my head, not knowing how to solve a particular problem. In short, I was stuck and needed help since banging my head against a wall wasn’t working. Sarah has solid working knowledge gained from both extensive personal experience and helping others. That experience gave Sarah the understanding I needed to solve my challenges. What might have taken me days or weeks to figure out, Sarah solved in minutes and hours. She’s wonderful!

Roy and Ramona

Light And Manna